Sunday, February 10, 2013

Carnival Charlotte has come and gone!

María del Carmen, Carmen, Aída, Diana, Alejandra, Mónica, Ana: thank you for your time, your dedication and creativity, which helped  to make last night's event unique and successful.

Some of the heads are gone, and have found new homes... many are still with us; any thoughts what we could do with them in the near future? they are useful conversation pieces in an office or home. They could spark new ideas and open their mind to larger visions. Any ideas? Let me know.

To conclude this blog I am posting pictures of all center pieces we created...

My Harlequin, a wall hanging created originally for Carnival 2008

Still available to decorate a Valentine's basket!

Her new home will be Connecticut

LAWA thanks Howard Johnson for supporting our programs

Thank you Adela, Fátima is i good hands with you!

Thanks Diana, for all you do for LAWA!

Ana, I hope this piece reminds you of Carnival Charlotte! Thanks!

Cathy, a great decoration for your home bar! ¡Gracias!

LAWA recognizes Carmen Hilton's two decades of volunteer work! 

Thanks Mimi for taking Viviana home

Ana, this is my most loved creation;
I am happy she will be in your home now.

LAWA's signature image for Carnival 2014

The captions refer to those persons, who so graciously gave to LAWA by buying raffle tickets and otherwise acquiring our creations!

Thanks for reading my blog, feel free to get in touch with me by looking me up on facebook!
Yours, Anneliese Horst  

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  1. Muchas gracias a Anneliese, María, Carmen, Diana , Ana L., Aída, Alejandra y Mónica por haberme dado la oportunidad de compartir esta experiencia maravillosa con ustedes. Creo que el resultado es un buen ejemplo de trabajo en equipo. Espero poder continuar trabajando con ustedes en beneficio de la comunidad latina, principal objetivo de LAWA. Un saludo a todas con mucho cariño.